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Material Girl

Posted in Uncategorized by Maggie on February 12, 2010

The more I think about it, the more I realize how dependant I am on stuff. I love the luxuries of college and hygiene and family- these all come with “necessary” items. In this day and age it is taboo for people to be homeless or sick. As I have been considering the possibilities of material items I can live without, I am shocked to admit that there are many more than I ever dreamed!

The three essentials that I thought of first were: my cell phone, car, and Ipod. These are things I use without any limits everyday! My next idea included my laptop, books, and a toothbrush. Again, things I use everyday that would be hard to live without. Of course, many people go their entire lives without any of these luxuries. Finally, I decided that there are even more things that are important to my every day life including coffee, TV, chapstick, shoes, paper, and my bed.

Although I know not every has the opportunity to enjoy all of these material possessions, thinking and writing about them makes me a little appreciative of what I have.


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