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Posted in Uncategorized by Maggie on April 1, 2010

So, everyone has watched some kind of reality TV or another. Thoughts? Well, in my opinion, it really just depends on the show. I’m not a fan of many of the ones on TV today, like ‘A Minute to Win It’, or ‘The Marriage Ref’. Where do people get these ideas from?? A couple of years there was even this show on NBC called something like ‘The Moment of Truth”.  This show had individuals to take a lie detector test and then would ask the people extremely personal and revealing questions. It was said that people’s lives were ruined over a TV show! Not surprisingly, the show barely made it through a couple of seasons. Shows like that make me wonder where the television industry is taking us. So, in summary, I’m not big on reality shows that involve romance, or people just looking for their 15 minutes of fame.

The reality shows I do like involve people overcoming themselves or some difficult circumstance. I really like ‘The Biggest Loser’ and ‘The Amazing Race’. In both these reality shows, people are working together towards some kind of difficult goal. Personally, I would love to be on ‘The Amazing Race’!! I would love to travel around the world with a friend or family member!  But I’m still looking for a teammate… Any ideas?


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  1. vikki vance said,

    I love those 2 reality shows too!!!

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