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Good Morning World

Posted in Uncategorized by Maggie on April 23, 2010

I love morning more than any other time of the day. Although the stereotype for the typical college student is to sleep past noon most days, I have to say that it is just not my thing. I really enjoy getting up early and either being productive or just lying around with a cup of coffee watching the news and catching up on some reading.

Why is it that while many people hate the morning light and I can’t get enough? I think it traces back to my mom. My mom, Vikki, is always up before everyone (and definitely asleep first). She has most of her daily obligations completed before we’re even awake at home! She likes to point out that it is one of the only times of day that she is completely alone and no one will call and bother her. I’ve found that is true! No texts messages, no phone calls, no Facebook chats. Well, she has convinced me!


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  1. mom said,

    you’re such a wise person!!! and you listen to such wise people!!!

  2. mom said,

    good morning!!! is this true??? are you convinced???

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