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PRCA 3330- PR Connections #2

Posted in PR Connections by Maggie on June 2, 2010

Here is another blog that I check in on almost every single day.

Perez Hilton

This is my guilty pleasure! This blog is full of celebrity scandal, dirt and rumors. Perez Hilton, as the King of Celebrity Gossip, relishes in this vulgar environment of Hollywood Glamour gone bad! Hilton pushes the line when it comes to the awe-factor because many of his posts are totally inappropriate and outlandish. Even though I know much of the information on this site it totally bogus, I still enjoy it.

Perez’s following keeps multiplying throughout the years. When he began blogging a few years ago, he was not known at all. To me, this goes to show that the average person can become and do whatever they want. Perez’s fame has grown exponentially throughout the years because of his signature ability to break all the rules. Perez Hilton is just about as dirty as they come, and that’s why we all love him!

Way to go, Perez!


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  1. alecia4147 said,

    I also have the guilt pleasure of going online to see what Perez has been up to. Although I must admit that lately my blogging guilty pleasure has been visiting the Team-Twilight blog. I just love how they have all of the updates on everything that is going on with all of the twilight stars not just the main characters. I love Perez for the gossip but if I was factual information that is borderline stalker like, I go to Team-Twilight.
    I think that it is very inspiring to see bloggers that have gotten famous frm their online works. It gives me a little bit of hope when I look at my dashboard and my stats continue to be in the single digits.

  2. Hillary said,

    I love celebrity gossip myself, but cannot stand Perez Hilton. I think he is rude, crude, and way too judgemental. I love when people have their own opinions on things but if a person does not agree with him, he will slaughter them to pieces. I can’t stand it. But I do agree that blogging has taken him a long ways, and has made him very successful. Crazy how a simple blog could get you into hollywood!

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