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PRCA 3330- PR Connections

Posted in PR Connections by Maggie on June 2, 2010

Number 1

Blogging is an easy and fun outlet for almost anyone to express opinions, share ideas or just blab on the web! I began blogging for class, here at Georia Southern University, about six monthes ago. At first blogging seemed to be a waste of time and not much fun at all, but now I appreciate the act of sharing ideas via the web. It is very easy and blogging can be as serious or goofy as you choose!

Since I have started blogging, I have alo begun to read other’s blogs. Initially it seemed kind of crazy to be reading someone else’s work just for the fun of it. But now, it is easy to see that you do not need to be rich and famous to have a voice. There are many many people who have stories and ideas that are incredible and deserve attention. I have found a couple of pages that are my “go-to” when I’m looking for some reading.

1.) Keeping Up With The Burnams

I went to highschool with Devis Burnam and though we have never been really good friends, I have steadily kept up with her admirable and courageous life as a new wife and mother through this blog. She is an excellent writer- she’s very funny and captivating. Devis also writes very emotionally. Although I haven’t seen this girl for several years, I feel as though we are having a conversation together most every time I read her blog. I am rooting for you, Devis!


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