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Wednesday Noon

Posted in Personal by Maggie on June 2, 2010

Good afternoon, all! Here is just an update on my week. It’s the third week of summer class here at Georgia Southern University and I’m up to my eye balls in school work and regular work! Overall, I have to admit, I’d be miserable any other way. I like to be busy, in fact, I thrive from it! On the other hand, it’s summer time- and that means that occasionally get a little envious of the fact that everyone I know is at the pool except for me! There, I’m done pouting.

Summer time has been great so far. I am really enjoying the feeling of ease that encompasses Statesboro when there are far fewer students and much less traffic! Directly after Spring Finals a couple weeks ago I vacationed on Ameilia Island with some friends for a long weekend. It was the perfect getaway and just long enough to feel ready to come back home and get started on some new classes and working almost full-time.  The following weekend, the third weekend in May, I joined my family in Atlanta for the Spring Special Olympics Games for SOGA’s Master League Tournament. My sister, Katie, competed in the swimming competition. She placed 2nd in the breast stroke and fifth in the back stroke. It was an awesome weekend! I really enjoyed seeing my mom and sister and even got some extra time to hang out with a few friends on Saturday night.

This past weekend I went home for Memorial Day and to our family’s lake house with some of my dad’s family. I also brought a boy home for the first time ever! While I’ve dated in the past, I have never had the urge to bring someone home to meet my family. It was a pretty big step- and the best part is that Connor, the boy, was not too frightened by my huge, loud and crazy family!

The extenuated circumstances in which I was led to bring Connor home is that we are going on a trip together in July. Connor is from The Bahamas, and he has invited me home with him, so we’ll spend a week with his family there. The catch is that even though I have been really excited about traveling to The Bahamas since I bought my ticket a few weeks ago, my mom was not thrilled about me going to foreign country with a stranger. After analyzing the situation for a few days, I decided that this is actually a very valid point… So, that is how this big deal began.

Anyway, so my family loves him and now we’re set for traveling next month! The idea that I’m coming across is that so far, this summer has been awesome! I have done many fun and exciting things and now that I’ve considered it, this has been one of the best summer’s yet, and we’re only a few weeks in!

Katie, my sister, Vikki, my mom and I at the SOGA games a couple of weekends ago.


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  1. arich04 said,

    Maggie, Your writing is so entertaining. I love that you update all your fellow bloggers on your week 🙂 What a great way to reflect on the many things that can happen in such a short period of time. This is a great place to reflect. I love that picture of you, your mom and sis. I remember we had public speaking with Groover together and you spoke about the Special Olympics and your sister. I just couldn’t help but think about how amazing you are and how lucky Katie is to have such a wonderful sister. A real inspiration you are.
    -Ash Rich

    • Maggie said,

      What a nice thing to say, thanks so much. You just made my week!

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