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PRCA 3330: Reading Notes (Chapter 4)

Posted in Reading Notes by Maggie on June 3, 2010

Finding and Making News:

These are a few notes that I found helpful when reading through chapter 4.

  • Obviously, many PR practitioners are expected to generate publicity and hype for an organization or event. Chapter 4 introduces some techniques to help PR people do just this. There can also be some obstacles to avoid, like information overload. To help create a healthy and fulfilling environment for creating awareness, the book suggests following several steps involving understanding the news, as well as the target audience, proactively considering the ideas and interests of clients and audiences, and creatively presenting information that will help get information through the media gatekeepers.
  • Timeliness is just as important as any other characteristic when it comes to news. People do not need to read about events that happened a long time ago!
  • There are many tactics that can be utilized when it comes to generating news. Some of these techniques include special events, awards, personal appearances, stunts and polls. The attention of audiences and readers can be caught by using something interesting first, and then informative.
  • Public relations writings should always be constantly observing and evaluating the media and news. If we are not right on top of what is happening we are left behind in the fast paced environment of the media today.

This has been one of the most helpful chapters in the book so far because I think it will be the most useful when I have a job! This chapter covers the basics when it comes to my ideal job in the future.


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