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One Week of Twitter

Posted in Topic of the Week by Maggie on June 17, 2010

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I will admit, when I began tweeting in January for a different PR class, I was not enthusiastic. At all! Now, however, my opinion has changed. I am warming up to Twitter! After learning how to use Twitter a little more , and actually having people to follow me, and people who are interesting to follow, Twitter is more fun, more useful, and more effective.

As of today, I am following 94 Twitter profiles– the better news is that 43 people are following me! To me, this is really exciting because until recently I had about 3 followers. In the beginning it was difficult to get involved with Twitter because I felt like it was pointless to be tweeting to no one. In fact, I was reluctant about tweeting at all. Initially, I didn’t like the idea of letting everyone on the internet in on all the details of my day.  Who cares what I ate for breakfast, or even how I did on a test? I think I’m finally getting the hang of Twitter though because now I realize that I was right to begin with. Not many people, unless my mom has just joined Twitter, care about those things. So, tweeting must take some thought and consideration.  Posting links, sharing important news, and educated opinions are all things that are appropriate for Twitter. Letting people know my intimate life details like what I am watching on TV or relationship trivia are not what people really want to read. So learning how to use Twitter has been crucial to my tweeting experience.

One aspect of Twitter that I would help me become even more involved is being able to tweet on the go.  I don’t have wireless capabilities on my phone, so I have to remember to make a point to tweet when I’m on my laptop or at work. Tweeting for a mobile phone or device would increase the amount of times I tweet and my involvement. It would be cool to be able to post pictures of funny or interesting things that I experience in a day. I think that while I will continue to tweet (even though the Week of Twitter is over), I would be tweeting even more if I could do it on the go. It just makes it that much easier.

Overall, Twitter was an engaging and enlightening experience. I have enjoyed learning about social media and I know it will be useful in the future.


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