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Chapter 10

Posted in Reading Notes by Maggie on June 25, 2010

This information is found in PUBLIC RELATION WRITING AND MEDIA TECHNIQUES, 6th edition, by Dennis L.

Chapter 10:  Distributing News to the Media

There are many different vehicles to distribute information to the media. Including email, online news rooms, placement firms, mail and faxing, social media, and news letters. Finding the right medium is important in order to effectively reach an audience.

  • Media databases provide information like names of publications and broadcast stations, mailing addresses, contact information and the name of key editors and reporters. Today many media databases are made convenient through the internet.
  • Editorial calendars operate through trade publications and business periodicals. Many of these are sent in advance and provide information to editors and gatekeepers.
  • Tip sheets are weekly news letters that report recent changes in both media databases and editorial calendars. Keeping up to date with this information increases the likelihood of media placement.

Todays primary distribution channels include:

  • Email
  • Online newsrooms
  • Electronic wire services
  • Feature placement firms
  • Photo placement firms
  • Mail
  • Fax

To maximize online distribution, PR professionals focus on the key words in headlines, enhancing URL’S, anchoring text and embedded words, adding multimedia content, and tagging social media.


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  1. Kelli Martin said,

    Remember this post after you begin your career. Creativity is key when distributing your information!

    I personally use a lot of email when sending information to the media. I always make sure to have a great subject line. You want your message to catch their attention, but also don’t want to get caught in spam filters.

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