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Chapter 9

Posted in Reading Notes by Maggie on June 25, 2010

This information is found in PUBLIC RELATION WRITING AND MEDIA TECHNIQUES, 6th edition, by Dennis L.

Chapter 9: Writing for Radio and Television

Radio and television reach millions of people everyday.  These vehicles of information can reach audiences effectively if used correctly.

While radio may not be as glamorous at television and the internet, it is a cost-effective way to reach large numbers of people in various age, ethnic and income groups. There are about 13,500 different radio stations in the U.S. PR professionals can reach these listeners through:

  • Radio news releases are used to inform the public of upcoming events, announcements, etc.  Radio news releases are written and sent to stations for reading on the air or recording.  When sending a Radio news release to a station, it’s important to use the correct format, and consider the timing of the release.
  • Audio news releases are pre-recorded sound bites that are sent to stations to be played over the air for listeners.  The format is different from the RNR but equally important.
  • Public service announcements are unpaid announcements to promote programs of government or nonprofit agencies or to serve public interest. PSA’s often use statistics to inform audiences.
  • Radio media tours are essentially a round-the-country one on one interviews from a central location. Telephone interviews are pre-brooked with hosts and recorded for later use. RMT’s are primarily used because of their low-cost and convenience.

Television offers the combination of movements, sound and visualization to entertain viewers. The NAB estimates that television news programs reach over thirty million people a day. There are abundant opportunities for the placement of public relations materials at the local and national level. In order for a news story to be placed on television the PR professional must follow many requirements. Like radio, television uses a similar format called video news releases as well as PSA’s. Other placement opportunities include:

  • Talk shows
  • Magazine shows
  • Documentary videos

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