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The Power of the Pod Cast

Posted in Topic of the Week by Maggie on June 26, 2010

The online Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a podcast as, “a program (as of music of voice) made available in digital format for automatic download over the Internet”.  Podcasts can be found all over the internet; today, they are very common and readily available for listeners.  Anyone can listen to a podcats, and they can be found on most any topic, based on the listeners interest.  There are sports, news, comedy, and cooking podcasts, just to name a few.  Podcasts are an easy and cost-effective way to obtain new information or entertainment.

Personally, I’ve subscribed to a few free podcasts- but I don’t have much experience. In the past, I listened to poetry podcasts and a few music and movie podcasts just for entertainment. Most recently, I have listened to several podcasts from The Creative Career.  This unique website offers many podcast interviews hosted by Allie Osmar.  The podcasts are aimed to offer information to college students who are making the transition from college to the public relations work place.  And there is a plethora of information! Here are a couple of the podcasts I found most interesting:

More Tips for Networking Events – an Interview with Author, Sandy Jones-Kaminski.

Can listening to podcasts be beneficial to public relations students?  Absolutely! With the abundance of social media and internet dependency that is present today, podcasts are just another outlet for reaching large groups of people easily.  You can find a podcast on just about anything that you want to listen to. There are so many to choose from! According to it is estimated that more than 270 million people will own portable entertainment devices. With all of these iPods and MP3’s out there, it makes sense why there are so many podcasts. Podcasts are an easy and convenient way to provide entertainment and information to millions of people.


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  1. amylynn0711 said,

    I really enjoyed your post! Podcast, besides music podcast, do not interest me at all! After reading this post I want to go download podcast from The Creative Career, so maybe I can begin to like them better! Thanks for sharing these links!! Hope you’re having a great summer!!

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